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PATTERN November Through the Year with Steve and Scarlett

Steve’s looking quite festive in his pilgrim’s hat. Who wants pie? We do, we do! Scarlett and Betty are enjoying the wonderful aroma - pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven. Carl’s got his utensils ready and would like a big piece please. Bob wonders if there will be any left! Steve, Scarlett, Betty, Bob and Carl hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Steve and Scarlett were originally designed for a quilt shop event. When that ended Holly knew these little characters had more to say.

She's continued their story, creating 12 months of whimsical scenes featuring Steve, Scarlett and their sometimes silly sidekicks, Betty, Bob and Carl. Whether you choose to do one, all or something in between, Holly hopes they bring a little happiness (or nuttiness) to your day.

Finished Size: 14" Square

We also offer these in limited quantities as kits.

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